Now that Mosquito Defense Systems has installed our system, we are able to work in the yard until dark, whereas before the mosquitoes drove me in by six. In addition our kids can swim in the pool after the sun goes down.

– John and Patty McMann – Tulsa Oklahoma

“Out of all the work done in our backyard – the pool, the outdoor kitchen, the landscaping, fire pit, THE MOSQUITO DEFENSE SYSTEM is our BEST INVESTMENT!”

T. Miller – Tulsa

“Last year, I had spider webs all over my house and boat dock and this year, with the MOSQUITO DEFENSE SYSTEM, they are gone.”

T. Terwort – Grand Lake

Just a few days after our system was installed, I was sitting by the pool. After a couple of hours, I suddenly realized that I wasn’t being eaten alive.

– Trisha and Eric Davis – Tulsa Oklahoma

We are very excited and extremely pleased with our mosquito defense system. Since installing our system our grandchildren can play outside and not get eaten up by mosquitoes.

– Barry and Brenda Epperson

We moved to Oklahoma from the Northeast two years ago. We’ve lived in our house for two years and until we installed our system the kids couldn’t even play outside. Now that we have it, we spend more time in our yard than we ever would have imagined.

– Kip and Heather Keller

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